Greatest Needs for Academic Relevance

Our academic programs and centers require resources to attract and retain top faculty, to expand outreach and student experiences, and to align our programs with a rapidly changing employment environment. Moreover, as the pace at which students learn and employers do business escalates, so does the need for current equipment and technology. There is a need to both improve and expand our facilities to meet our rising enrollment.Grand Valley does not have the capacity to meet student demand and employer need for graduates in the science, technology, engineering, math, and health (STEM-H) disciplines. In addition, all of our 300 undergraduate and graduate academic programs must provide the most relevant education for students. In the face of limited resources, insufficient infrastructure and technology, and strong enrollment growth this is a very real challenge.

We rely on donor funding to keep tuition increases to a minimum while providing a relevant education across all programs.

These are fundamental aspects of our mission, but also areas of ongoing, increasing need where donor support can make a significant difference.

Page last modified March 8, 2018