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We strive to provide access to our university for more students and to do so more affordably because, for students, college is the home of possibility.

Our top priority is to provide access for every qualified student who wants to attend Grand Valley and keeping that education affordable. Nothing we do for Grand Valley will matter if students cannot afford to attend.


Opportunity Goal


Let's give our students what they need most: a hand.

To improve access and affordability, we need donor support for our endowed and annual scholarships. While growing, these donor-funded scholarships continue to support a small percentage of our student population. Our goal is to double our reach to help thousands of additional students each year. We have identified two areas where increased scholarship support will have the most impact.

These scholarships, based on a student’s academic achievements, help attract and retain talented students to Grand Valley and West Michigan. Offering Academic Merit Awards to incoming freshmen and transfer students helps us continue drawing the best and brightest minds to West Michigan and keeping these talented individuals as part of our community and our state.

These scholarships reduce the financial pressure on our students and their families and make a Grand Valley education accessible to qualified students with financial need. There are two categories of need-based scholarships.

  • Supplements to federal grants: these scholarships go to the students with the greatest overall financial need.
  • Support for moderate income students: these scholarships provide a pathway to graduation for moderate income students who do not qualify for federal grants, but are still unable to fully finance a college education. Without donor-funded scholarships, these students often borrow more, graduate with greater debt, and work more hours while attending school than their classmates. They are the students who most often have to drop out of college for financial reasons.


Briette Bryant ’08
Development Officer for Scholarship and Fellowship Giving
(616) 331-6529