Annual Funds

Many paths, same destination.

In addition to campaign gifts for specific projects, many donors choose to give annually to a general fund that supports the highest priorities for students on an annual basis. The Grand Valley Fund and Laker Family Fund both provide this type of support for students. These funds provide resources for ongoing operations in financial aid, counseling, tutoring, and other essential services in support of our students.

Your unrestricted gift to the Grand Valley Fund goes where it is needed most each year and directly supports students. Collectively, all gifts of any size to the Grand Valley Fund allow more students access to the academic excellence that defines the Grand Valley experience.

  • Financial Assistance
    As requests for assistance continue to grow, the Grand Valley Fund plays an increasingly important role in support for need-based scholarships. A large portion of the Grand Valley Fund helps make it possible for Grand Valley students to receive financial support.
  • Internship Assistance
    Research shows that students who participate in internships are more likely to get a job related to their field of study after graduation. The Grand Valley Fund supports students' growing demand for internships. Funding is needed to expand outreach to organizations that can provide Grand Valley students with these experiential educational opportunities.
  • Technology and Equipment
    As technology continues to evolve, the university has an ongoing need for the latest equipment to be sure our graduates are trained in the most up-to-date technologies.
  • And more...
    The Grand Valley Fund helps meet student needs in any given year as they arise. It is the most flexible fund available for student support.

This fund is primarily supported by families of GVSU current or former students. Your gift to the Laker Family Fund goes to increasing the quality of a student’s experience at Grand Valley. This fund ensures students have access to programs and academic resources to help them get started, stay, and succeed at Grand Valley. When you give to this fund, a gift of any size, you make an impact in the life of a Laker.

  • Student Support Services
    Gifts to the Laker Family Fund help accommodate more students in support services such as tutoring, counseling, and advising. All tutoring services are free and help enhance the learning experience. Services available to students can be found at: the Student Academic Success Center, Structured Learning Assistance, Mathematics Tutoring Center, Statistics Tutoring Center, Science Success Center, and the Meijer Writing Center.
  • Internships & Career Services
    The Grand Valley Career Center offers a number of services including career planning, major exploration, internship opportunities, and career fairs to assist students as they transition into their careers. Gifts to the Laker Family Fund also help support these services that can provide Grand Valley students with internships and other hands-on educational opportunities.


Carolyn Clayton
Director of Annual Giving
(616) 331-6605

Page last modified December 12, 2016