Greatest Needs for Student Success

Our laser-focus on students is our Grand Valley advantage. No single student needs all of our available tools, but all students can rely on the expertise of our faculty and staff to guide them to the resources they need most.

Last year, approximately $6.4 million was available for student success programs. These outstanding programs reached an estimated 79% of our students, which is good, but we must do better. 

We help thousands of students succeed, but far more of them need our help. Every student benefits from these programs, and they are vital for first generation and at-risk undergraduate students.

Current Student Success Programs



Peer Mentoring

Fred Meijer Center for Writing & Michigan Authors

Residential Life Programming

Speech Lab

The Knowledge Market

Student Life Leadership Development Programs

Career Services


Professional Mentoring

Frederik Meijer Honors College

Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy

                                   And more...

Page last modified March 8, 2018