Employer Events

Grand Valley Career Center hosts a variety of career events throughout the year that bring together employers and recruiters with undergraduate and graduate students and alumni looking for full-time jobs and internships.

Career Fairs

Please Mark Your Calendars for 2018-19 events per below.
Due to our current transition from LakerJobs to Handshake, we anticipate event registrations will open in late-June or July.

Careers In

These industry-specific fairs offer students an opportunity to talk with attending employers about work options and your hiring needs. These events are promoted to students who are exploring career paths, as well as those actively searching for a job or internship. Employers have the ability to set up a table to speak with students in an informational capacity. Events in the Careers In series include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Math, Science & Statistics
  • NonProfit & Public Service
  • Social Work
  • Management
  • Writing & Communications

Employer Spotlight

The Employer Spotlight program brings an invited employer to campus for a day to be featured in a series of 5-minute classroom presentations throughout the day and offers a tabling opportunity in a visible location between presentations Additionally, we invite faculty and staff from applicable programs to lunch and learn more about your organization, culture, and the job/internship opportunities you offer.

Through this program, students are provided the opportunity to engage with a featured employer and learn more about the internship/career opportunities available. It also serves to better educate and prepare undergraduate and graduate students throughout their academic career.

  • Freshman learn about future career paths and corresponding majors.  
  • Sophomores are exposed to the importance and process of networking.  
  • Juniors explore internship opportunities.  
  • Seniors and Graduates discuss potential career paths.  

Employer Spotlights are offered the two weeks prior to each of our bi-annual Career Fairs. Cost for participating is $250.

Presentations and Workshops

Volunteer to provide your recruiter expertise at career-themed workshops, seminars, class presentations and panels which are regularly offered to students and alumni on campus. Topics include resume writing, interviewing techniques, networking, and job/internship search strategies.

To learn more about employer and recruitment events and how your organization can participate, contact Susan Proctor: proctors@gvsu.edu  or 616-331-6708.

Page last modified June 25, 2018