Guardian/Family Access

Grand Valley State University students are able to grant permission for an individual (proxy) to view selected student information in myBanner on the Guardian/Family Access page. The student authorizes the family member/proxy and what items the family member/proxy can see. The authorized pages are the same Web pages viewable by the student in myBanner. The student is able to modify the permissions, reset the proxy's password and set date ranges that the permissions are active. Login credentials for the family member/proxy are sent via email and should be saved for reference. After a proxy's email address and password have been verified, proxies can log in here. Payments cannot be made through Guardian/Family Access. Please see the Forms of Payment page for payment information.

The student determines the information that can be viewed by the family member/proxy. If the family member/proxy has questions about the information they are viewing, they should speak to the student. Guardian/Family Access does not grant the family member/proxy the authority to contact and discuss information with a university representative. Questions about the functionality of Guardian/Family Access can be answered by reading the Guardian/Family Access FAQ for Proxy and watching the Guardian/Family Access tutorial.  

If a proxy needs to reset their password they can do so by entering their email and selecting "Forgot Password", an action password will be emailed to you. Your action password will be your temporary password to login. For additional help you can view the Proxy PIN Reset tutorial.

If you are a student who wishes to begin the process of identifying a proxy, log into myBanner and follow the steps listed in the Guardian/Family Access Student tutorial. For additional information you can read the Guardian/Family Access FAQ for Student or contact the Registrar's Office.

Page last modified July 13, 2017