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Radio Interviews with CLAS Faculty

On the third Thursday of each month at 10:00am, WGVU's Shelley Irwin interviews a CLAS faculty member. We've been granted permission to provide these interviews as MP3 files for members of the GVSU community to enjoy.

One Friday per month, AWRI's Al Steinman speaks with Shelley on topics related to our waterways and research at the Institute.


Karen Libman, Professor of Theatre on Shakespeare Festival, Will Power Camp, and her upcoming Fulbright



Russ Rhoades on his Fulbright project.

Shari Bartz Smith on the new injury clinic on campus.

Rob Deaner on his research on gender differences in marathon running pacing.

Three Geography and Planning professors talk about the importance of geography to sustainability (Jim Penn, Elena  Lioubimtseva, and Jeroen Wagendorp)

Danielle Leek on West Michigan Week talking about the Gettysburg Address. [video]


Peter Wampler (GEO) and student, Cathie Jean were interviewed about the Empowering Haiti through Education Fund in December.

Dalila Kovacs, Chemistry on Green Chemistry (July)

Darren Walhof (June)

Jill Eggers, Art (April)

Rachel Powers, Chemistry, on the Ott Lecture (March)

Bill Ryan, Music  (February)



Peter Wampler, Rick Rediske, Azizur Molla speak about water quality research in Haiti

Polly Diven, International Relations in May 2012

Mark Luttenton, Biology in June 2012

Figen Mekik, Geology in July

John Martin, Music in August

Steve Mattox, Geology in September

Daniel Mendelsohn, Fall Arts Celebration speaker, Medea on the Jersey Shore (Sept. 2012)

Ed Aboufadel  in October




  • Colleen Lewis from the Department of Movement Science
  •  Pat Matthews, Biology instructor and paramedic.
  • Avis Hewitt, English, speaks on her book on Flannery O'Connor
  • Jodee Hunt (Biology) updates us on her studies in Nicaragua.
  • Shawn Bible (dance in the Dept. of Music)
  • Erik Nordman (NRM) on West Michigan Wind Turbine Assessment project

  • Darren Walhof speaking on religion and politics (October)
  • GVSU LipDub on YouTube
  • Steve Mattox talks volcanos (September)
  • Al Steinman is interviewed for Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet on KMR-Media. [sorry, link no longer available]
  • Mary Schutten of Movement Science (and the CLAS Office) on her sabbatical work in Hawaii
  • Mary deYoung of Sociology talks about her new book on madness.


  • John Kilbourne of Movement Science talks on his teaching innovations with Shelley Irwin.  John  talks about exercise balls on NPR (5/18/09)
  • Jim Schaub of the School of Communications speaks on his documentary "Up From the Bottoms--African American Migration to Muskegon, Michigan"
  • Azizur Molla of Anthropology speaks on his work to protect us from radon gas
  • Carmen Nochera of Biomedical Sciences speaks on her research involving the production of breadfruit flour to address world hunger
  • Al Steinman on the Michigan Seagrant Fisheries Workshop and more.
  • Ellen Yezierski and Deborah Herrington of Chemistry on their project to better High School Chemistry instruction, Target Inquiry.
  • Melissa Morison of Classics on her recent archaeological experiences in Corinth and the new archaeology minor at GVSU.
  • Inside Muskego podcasts Alan Steinman with the International Upper Great Lakes Study.


  • Dean Frederick J. Antczak speaks with Shelley at the end of his third year (2007).
  • Associate Professor of Biology, Jodee Hunt speaks about her interdisciplinary project benefiting the people of Nicaragua.  November 27, 2007
  • Al Steinman speaks about the reduction of prey fish in Lake Michigan and other topics. January '08.
  • Fred Antczak speaks on the rhetoric of the Michigan primary.  January '08
    Fred Antczak speaks on the "front-loaded" political process of candidate selection.  February '08
    Fred Antczak on the primary results in March '08
    Fred Antczak on the political race, October 2008
    Fred Antczak on the election result and its ramifications, November 2008
    Fred Antczak on politics, looking toward the innauguration, Dec. 2008
  • Hermann Kurthen, Sociology, on climbing a Russian mountain
  • William Levitan's interview on his book Abelard & Heloise.
  • Danielle Wiese on new political communication technologies
  • James Goode of History speaks about his book and the Middle East.
  • Brad Wallar of Chemistry speaks on the impact of his National Science Foundation grant. July 2008.
  • Gary Stark, Associate Dean of CLAS speaks on his recent study abroad trip to Poland.
  • Jim Penn of Geography, with two of his students, on the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Communications' Danielle Wiese on new media politics on election day.
  • Al Steinman of the Annis Water Resources Institute talks about the Ottawa County Water Quality Summit and other topics.
  • Diane Rayor of Classics talks about her translations of Homeric Hymns and Antigone.
  • Al Steinman on Inside Muskegon on the international Upper Great Lakes Study.

Paul Wittenbraker of Art & Design spoke about the Civic studio and the current project on Wealthy Streeton Catalyst Radio, a 30-minute weekly program on 88.1 FM. You can listen to the March 21, 2008 interview on

NPR has also been carrying content from the college: listen to the interview with Bill Ryan's New Music Ensemble which shot to #15 on Amazon after this February 3, 2008 radio program.

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